Bryan Andrews

BRYAN ANDREWS has had a living relationship with the Lord Jesus for over forty years. He holds a bachelor's degree in history and psychology and currently works in the travel industry. He and his wife live in Johannesburg, South Africa, and are parents to five children and grandparents to twelve.



REUBEN is a fictional story of a young Galilean fisherman who encounters Jesus at the time of His crucifixion and witnesses the event first-hand.

The impact of this and the subsequent events has a profound effect on him and his encounters with Mary Magdalene and Jesus' disciple John not only cause radical change in his life but also impact the lives of those around him.



The chance sighting of a stranger sitting on a rock in the Temple of Karnak sets bells ringing in Philip's mind. The man looks familiar, but Philip cannot pinpoint where or when he would have met him.

As Philip travels through Egypt on a photographic assignment, the stranger occupies a prominent place in his thoughts and he tries, unsuccessfully, to track him down to find out who he is.

Through a series of random events (can any event be random when Jesus is involved?), Philip ends up in Paris and finds Pierre - the man who was sitting on the rock in Karnak.

Over the course of a year, and under the guidance and leading of Jesus, the two men discover things about each other that both shock and please them as a strong, brotherly bond is forged between them.