Dr. Jabulile Msimango-Galawe

DrJ, as she is known, is a teacher, a mentor, and a coach who prioritizes holistic growth and personal leadership as key ingredients to personal and professional development. With her work, she mentors and supports young entrepreneurs and professionals who are creating paradigm shifts within their industries.

This book is an entrepreneurship book narrated as a love story. DrJ takes a deep dive into her life and entrepreneurial journey as she shares the hard lessons, mistakes, challenges, and insights gained from first-hand experience. 

Starting, building, and sustaining a business venture is no mean feat, and for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs it can feel like a love-hate relationship. Dr. Jabulile sets forth a personalised approach to this relationship that will help entrepreneurial enthusiasts and supporters gain a clearer perspective and deeper insight into what it takes to truly commit when you venture into entrepreneurship.