Ian MacKenzie

Ian Mackenzie was born in the Eastern Cape and grew up in Johannesburg. He moved to Rhodesia in the early 1970s and served with the Rhodesian military from 1975 to 1980 during the hostilities of the bush war. He returned to South Africa in 1983 and ran his own business as an administrative consultant. Now in semi-retirement, Mackenzie is forging a career for himself as an author

Clouds In The Wind is one of those books that you pick up on a rainy day and find yourself unable to put it down. A heartfelt novel that will simply take your breath away. -Bookplex

An uncanny sequence of events draws an ambitious young financial executive to a country embroiled in a civil war and a conflict he would never have thought to be part of. 

This captivating novel will transfix you. A journey of danger, love and tragedy. Share the romance, the danger and the heart-rending tragedy of the times. Feel the love and witness the devastation of a beautiful country, torn apart by racial prejudice and political intransigence. Inhale the smell of burnt cordite, experience the fear, and taste the dust of Africa.

“A memorable debut that lingers beyond the page. Clouds In The Wind will prove a spellbinding read and is strongly recommended.” (Writer’s Digest)