Jeremy Forsyth

I write dark fantasy. If you're into fantasy where elves rule the pages, get your hands on any one of my stories to experience a whole new world full of intrigue and adventure. "FANTASY JUST ISN'T FANTASY IF IT ISN'T DARK" These words changed the game for me like you have no idea, leading me straight to the abyss and pushing me over the precipice of that weak-ass s*** I used to call my stories when first I tried my hand at writing.

Upon the Sands

Book 1 of A Symphony of Shadow and Darkness

As the Fairleaf brothers depart the Realm, both of them fear for the other, for upon the sands, enemies gather as they do across the sea; and back home, the Dead Gods stir, unrest grows in the lands, and far away Darkness plots its return.

Eldrian Fairleaf - fierce, loyal, brave... and bitter, abandons all in a rash move to rescue an elvess of soft grace and beauty, an elvess prophesised to be the love of his life.

Trone Fairleaf - astute and powerful, leads a diplomatic mission across the seas to the Human Lands, where he faces treachery in his ranks, a hostile Daughter of Alepion who despises his family, and the prospect of never returning home should the mission fail and the Humans betray the alliance.

“Fantasy at its finest and one must applaud the author for having such rich knowledge and vocabulary and such skillful way of writing despite being so young.”

“Once I got into it- it was truly excellent. My South African heart bursts with pride for our local talent🤍”