Edwin Dunn

Edwin Dunn is a pseudonym. The author is from Johannesburg, has three wonderful sons & two lovely stepdaughters. He has worked within the local book industry, thereby learning much about books and writing. His hobbies are long distance motor-bike riding, sky diving, riding jet skis, and scuba diving.

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World Without End

A South African Novel

Book I

Set in the Free State town of Welkom, South Africa in the 1980s at the height of the apartheid regime, World Without End chronicles the lives of mine workers during a time of intense personal and political change.

Jed Rawlings, working in the personnel department of the mine, and newly married to Henrietta, becomes embroiled in developments following the announcement that mining staff have joined the national union. Unwillingly thrown into the chief negotiator role, Jed witnesses first-hand the effects of union activity on a conservative and right-wing mining community. Adding to complications, he falls in love with Lizella, the mine manager's secretary. As events develop, Jed witnesses the effects of the apartheid system on his Black colleagues, with sometimes devastating consequences.

A wonderfully written political thriller featuring topical issues and romantic elements.

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The Road Less Travelled

World Without End Book II

A romance set in the dying days of apartheid and in a milieu of conspiracy.

‘The Group’ aims, in a Machiavellian way, to use its power and influence to control post-apartheid South Africa. Jed is reluctantly brought into their machinations. He must also come to terms with the grand passions of his life, the lovely and unattainable Lizella.

This novel is a revelation as to the deceptions and ploys that go on behind our political dispensation.