Mlamuli Mbambo

Mlamuli Mbambo is the founder of Money Fundi and a Brand South Africa Play Your Part Ambassador, advocating for a financially literate and inclusive Africa. He has been honoured as one of the Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Ten Outstanding Young Persons of South Africa, and Inside Education Top 100 South African Shining Stars for his work in changing financial destinies through financial education. 

Mlamuli co-authored the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Africa 80 Book: Transformation Through Collaboration which won Best Collaborative Title at PaWar in London. Selected as one of twenty young African thought leaders to attend the Tokyo International Conference for African Development, Mlamuli holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from the University of KwaZulu – Natal.


Winning The Money Game

Winning the Money Game is a story about Mfundo Mbatha, an ambitious young person who has completed his schooling. His greatest desire is to be wealthy and successful like his grandparents. During his visit at his grandparents’ beautiful mansion, Mkhulu and Gogo Mbatha have insightful conversations with him about their relationship with money and how they attained their financial success.  As a retired schoolteacher, Mkhulu believes there is a missing ‘R’ in education. Mfundo discovers there is a lot more to his grandparents’ success than meets the eye.

As an experienced financial wellness coach, I have read many financial education books and yet I felt like most were not practical. Thank you so much for a practical, relevant, and African story that will help every person who reads it to be more knowledgeable and money smart.” – Promise Manyike, Financial Wellness Practitioner

"Your book is a must read for every young person. The money principles are well articulated and easy to understand. I got a copy for my niece who finished matric this year. I gave a clear instruction that if she reads and applies the principles in the book, she is bound to have financial success. Thank you for sharing your Mkhulu's wisdom " - Mpho Maseko, Bank Employee