Nicole Barlow

If someone had told me 18 years ago that not only, would I launch an almost two-decade campaign fighting for environmental justice, but I would also at the respectable age of 52 write my first book – a memoir/exposé no less – I would have laughed at them. But as the clock counts down to the end of 2021, that is exactly what I have done.

The adage ‘time waits for no man’, was something I was forced to reflect on while wading through thousands of pages of documents and sorting through the events of my life as laid out in my book – it kept ticking over regardless.

Fueling Environmental Corruption

Dubbed the ‘Brockovich of Boksburgby the Mail and Guardian, Nicole Barlow tells us of her 18 year battle to prove the corrupt relationship between officials, including the MEC, at the then Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment (GDACE), and the developers of a fuel station – more importantly, how that corruption destroys our environment, our water resources, and pollutes our lives.

Fuelling Environmental Corruption unravels a web of intrigue involving bribery, clandestine meetings, court cases, arson and even murder.

A riveting memoir detailing Nicole’s harrowing private and public struggle to expose the murky world of government and corporate collusion.