Peter J. Earle

Peter J. Earle was telling stories long before he could write them. During his National Service in the South African Navy, Peter kept a notebook under his belt and wrote stories in the meal queue or lying on a torpedo at action stations. Peter J. Earle has been an agricultural field technician, a concrete foreman, run a second hand shop, been jailed in Zambia and has over 60 parachute jumps to his name. Peter J. Earle is the author of a number of thrillers.

Hunter’s Venom

Detective Dice Modise Series: Book 1

An English safari client dies in an African hunting tragedy. Or is it an accident? His daughter flies to the wild Okavango Delta of Botswana to find out, as CID detective Sergeant Dice Modise of the Botswana Police investigates.

It is not the only case in his busy schedule: A girl is raped by three men who believe they now have the cure for their AIDS affliction because a powerful witchdoctor with a grudge has told them so. Lovers in a locked hut are burned to a crisp.

Then there is another death that may not be a tragic accident, and when the English girl is kidnapped, it is a desperate race against time by Modise and his game-guide friend, Nick Cahill, to find her alive.

Purgatory Road

John Stafford is caught in a speed trap late at night by two crooked traffic officers. Their attempted extortion causes him to shoot them down.

On arrival at his farm, he discovers that his wife has left him for another man.

 Fleeing to Rhodesia to escape his shattered life, Stafford is caught up in the bush war and a bitter struggle for freedom and survival.

After surviving three encounters - the last of which leaves him at death's door - his friend at home, a policeman, is finding clues to the cop killer...

Tribes of Hillbrow

Briefly a Congo Mercenary, then a farmer in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, widower Jake Malan now lives alone in Johannesburg. Over seventy, he has cancer and expects to not live much longer. He considers that planting anything in his garden may be a race against cabbages.

When a Nigerian house-jacker frightens his friend and neighbour into a heart attack, Jake decides to use his limited time span to get revenge.

In Reading, England, an old ex-Congo nurse passes on, leaving a letter for her doctor son and his two young adult daughters, explaining that her son is the result of a brief liaison with a South African soldier in the Congo conflict of the 1960s. She can only provide his name, Jake Malan, and the name of his friend, Sergeant Dan McNeil, and their approximate ages.

The elder daughter, Megan, is keen to try to find Malan and sets off to South Africa. Little does she realise the dangerous road her decision will set her on in the crime-ridden South Africa of 2012.