Simi Ramdutt 

Simi Ramdutt has loved reading historical romance since she was a young child. Enthralled by the mystique of castles, she finds herself particularly drawn to the tales that their cold and mossy stones could tell. 

The Hexagons is a series of 7 Historical Romance books about six siblings—torn apart at birth, but united by destiny. These daring rakehells embark on rambunctious and dangerous escapades, earning the interest and ultimate companionship of ladies who possess extraordinary beauty, unparalleled determination, and unrivalled spirits. The group’s passionate jaunts become the subject of envy-laden murmurs throughout London and across the English countryside.

The Journey of Love is her debut novel and released in February 2024. Love Changes Everything is the second book in the series and will release in July 2024. The rest of the series will become available every 3 to 6 months thereafter.


The Journey of Love

Book 1 of The Hexagons Series

Aware of the need to safeguard the truth behind his noble origins, James was resolute in his decision. Following a forced union with an Indian princess—the daughter of an English lord and Indian royalty—James embarks on a journey to India to get rid of his new bride.

His return sees him accompanied not by a discarded bride, but by a spirited woman whose unparalleled beauty and unorthodox views on egalitarian unions have upended his world. 


Love Changes Everything

Book 2 of The Hexagons Series

Upon his father’s passing, George, the new Duke of Beaufort, finds himself in a dire situation. The estate – once a symbol of prestige and wealth – has been reduced to ruins by his predecessor’s reckless actions. To salvage the family’s financial standing, George has no choice but to secure a wealthy bride. Though he has no desire to wed (especially to the woman originally intended for his late father), he focuses on the allure of her sizable dowry and prepares himself for the prospect of marriage. However, fate has a different plan – and he meets his bride, he lays eyes on a woman who will turn his world upside down. 

Releasing July 2024

Signed copies available for pre-orders 1 June 2024