Sophia Lindop 

Sophia Lindop grew up on a farm in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, which influenced her understanding and appreciation of quality ingredients and how they should be prepared. She is passionate about food and wine - a passion that began at the age of five, fuelled by many years in the kitchen followed by six years of studying. She works as a private chef in Cape Town and regularly entertains groups from overseas in her home. A food author, she does her own food styling and photography. 

"I’m a storyteller at heart, so my cookbooks are more than just page after page of recipes. They are a journey, in words and pictures, through the food and places and people that I love. I tell stories of the food I love – simple, wholesome and nostalgic, yet contemporary."

braai & potjie

Celebrating the South African tradition of cooking on open fires. An extraordinary tale of discovery, experimentation and tantalising flavours. There is nothing that unites us more than friends around a fire and the crackle of flames.

This book is filled with stories and recipes as well as beautiful full colour photos.

Chef and food author Sophia Lindop, of Lebanese descent, learnt to cook by watching her Lebanese grandmother and Afrikaans Ouma. After writing five successful cookbooks, Sophia started delving into her Lebanese background. She now lives in Cape Town, where she runs Lebanese cooking classes hosted from the comfort of her home kitchen in the southern suburbs of Cape Town as well as other venues around the country.

cape town

Knowing how many people died at sea due to scurvy, a Dutch doctor began to dream of supplying fresh food and water to passing ships. Soon the Cape became known as the “Tavern of the Seas,” as the sight of Table Mountain became the invitation to all traveling foodies to enjoy the treasures of the Cape table. Cape Town became a popular travel destination where food was celebrated and written about, and that trend is still alive.

Today, Cape cuisine remains a fusion of styles and flavours of the various cultures that call this home. For more than three centuries, the Cape has continued to provide for the culinary needs of visitors from all parts of the world. Featuring unique South African recipes, Cape Town Flavours and Traditions takes readers on this culinary journey through the centuries. 

south africa

When asked what sound most describes South Africa, a number of answers are possible. Yet the sound that unifies South Africans all around the world is the sound of a crackling fire. It is the call to come together and enjoy hospitality that is so unique to our people. It is an invitation to eat together, laugh together ... an invitation to share.

South Africa, flavours and traditions invites you on a journey through our richly diverse country with its colourful people and fascinating food. This book tells the story of how, as European settlers moved north to settle farmlands, culinary traditions spread from the Cape into the hinterland, and how indigenous South Africans influenced the legacy of local foods.

Filled with stories and recipes,  enjoy the tales of adventure, determination and courage at our table as we serve up this, our South Africa.


Sophia Lindop has produced another little gem in the Flavours and Traditions range. This book tells the tale of the Indian population and the Malay population, and how their age-old usage of spices and eating habits influenced the rest of our country in such a way that their recipes are now part of South Africa’s national heritage. As well as other nations that played a role in this spicy story. Filled with stories and recipes...

Flavours and Traditions Box Set

This series of four titles takes the reader on a remarkable journey through our beautiful country, uncovering as it goes, the rich tapestry of culinary creativity introduced by the different people that make up South Africa’s extraordinary gastronomic history. Jam packed with stories and recipes this box set is ideal for tourists as well as locals.

“Farm girl by birth, city girl by marriage…the constants in my life have always been good, wholesome food, wine and company! My love affair with food started at a very tender age. I grew up enveloped by kitchen aromas, and at five years of age began to show an interest in cooking. My late mother was a very powerful force in shaping my current ‘chefdom’! One of the things she did was to encourage me to be creative in the kitchen. My Afrikaans Ouma was also a brilliant cook, and her passion for the traditional food of our beautiful country inspires me to this day.”