Lydan Francis

Lydan Francis is a South African science fiction and fantasy writer with a passion for exploring the relationship between technology and nature. He takes great pride in skillfully crafting a diverse collection of worlds, settings and characters using his extensive knowledge in coding and electro-mechanics with over two decades in ocean science and hands-on experience with dozens of marine species.



Waking up in the street with the mother of all headaches and little recollection of the previous night’s events is sure to rattle a few people. Add a random ultra-smart tween girl that just won't go away and a curious object that surgically implanted itself into your head and you'll have the makings of the rather strange day Casey was having.

But this weirdness was soon to take on a whole new interesting as Casey discovered she could now pilot a magnificent flying spacecraft the size of a jetliner like it was her own body.

The galaxy’s latest superhero had just arrived, and she was it.

From its humble beginnings, Angelfyre is an immersive and deeply captivating journey of discovery and intrigue that will lead you through a diverse interstellar setting as our unlikely heroine fights to save the galaxy from total annihilation.