Kona Brown

Kona Brown is your typical coffee-loving, work-in-progress mom and wife. An ex-International beauty queen with a degree in politics, she worked in the corporate world before turning her focus towards her family; to raise her boys and work alongside her brother, well known Idols winner Elvis Blue. She spends her days as a writer, speaker, and freelancer. Kona lives in Johannesburg with her two sons and entrepreneur husband.


The Mommy Diaries

How to tackle tough topics to raise kids with courage and character

We all want to raise great kids. We want to equip them to be emotionally and spiritually healthy, with a strong value system to guide them towards good choices, with the tools to reach their potential, the wisdom to navigate an increasingly complex social landscape, the self-awareness to form and build good relationships and a firm foundation of truth to draw on when hard times come. In our rushed and frantic lives, it’s hard to find the time and if we are honest, we don’t always feel equipped with the answers as parents.

Here is a book, written by a real parent, about real situations and topics that kids face, and how to turn those into growth points for our kids. Using stories and situations from her own life with her two sons, a humorous style, and a firm biblical grounding; Kona offers wisdom and insight that any parent can apply in a practical way every single day.

Perfect for parents of kids between the ages of 8- 16.