Caroline Nyakata & Onalethata Mogatosi

Carolane Nyakata fell in love with writing when she wrote lyrics in her early teens. She started embracing the life of telling stories after high school as she attended poetry auditions.. Before journeying on writing this book she shared poems on her Facebook page and seeing people’s response made her to start writing a manuscript, which she pursued to be published.

Onalethata Mogatosi got introduced to poetry early in his life, he is now 'in love' with poetry and has been intrigued by literature as a field in its own.

These two emerging poets write with passion and raw feeling about the issues that young South Africans face each day; the highs and lows that come with our human existence and the effect that the world we exist in imposes on us each day.

We are all looking for our “Piece”; something we can call our own, that will sustain us and keep us striving for the light.