Caylynne King

A Bloemfontein student and tattoo artist, Caylynne King (25), recently published the first novel of a four-part series: Gods and Monsters. Caylynne says she became aware of an urge to write at around eight years of age. When a video game she was playing broke and she could not continue playing, she put her thoughts to paper. “I just had to know how the story ended, so I created my own end to the story,” she says. The idea for her first novel, Gods and Monsters: The Lock, started forming when she was around 11 years old. “This was a very innocent version of the story. Since then I have worked a lot on the storyline to refine it.” “It was while working in book shops that I really got an idea of what people like to read”. 

This multi-talented lass in her mid-twenties was nominated by the Writers Guild of South Africa at the 2019 Muse Awards for the pilot episode of Gods and Monsters: The Lock, becoming a finalist for Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting, and earning a certificate for best “TV Drama: Unproduced.

Gods and Monsters: The Lock

The Program will keep you alive… or will it?

Misty Alice and her fiancé, Levi Byron, are invited to the grand reopening of the sanatorium, Asile. Upon arriving at Asile they learn that they have been trapped by someone with a lethal fixation on Misty.

Gods and Monsters: The Lock is a beautifully written Sci-Fi/Fantasy and book one of the series. The forbidden love between characters will tug at your heartstrings; the family drama will enthral you; the story behind the actual story, makes one feel as if you’re in ‘The Matrix’.