Debbie Deutschmann

Debbie stumbled upon her love of writing whilst journaling about her daughter’s rare illness over a thirteen-year period.


Precious Gem

Precious Gem tells the story of a mother navigating her way through her daughter's rare illness and subsequent family struggles, supported lovingly by her husband. Along her journey she realises that throughout the darkness there have been precious gems in the form of family, friends and angels guiding her family along the way. She learns from those around her, in both positive and negative situations, valuable life lessons that lead her to understanding her true self and gain the strength to build confidence. Above all, she learns through her daughter's courage and bravery that, no matter what life throws at you, there is always a reason to find joy.

Gemma bravely fought a rare illness called Congenital Hyperinsulinism. She gained her angel wings on the 14th of March 2021. Her mother Debbie discovered writing as a form of therapy whilst blogging (about) Gemma's journey. This book keeps Gemma’s legacy alive.