Heather Linn

An experienced quantum healer, psychic reader, spiritual teacher, grid keeper, and published author; Heather has trained extensively in the healing arts in South Africa, the UK & the USA. After her academic education, Heather worked as a journalist in South Africa in the late 80s before embarking on her journey as a healer. Heather is the mother of two sons, a role that has been the most profound teacher on her path of heart. She lives in Cape Town South Africa.


No Gold Without The Dragon

Wisdom Teachings of a Quantum Healer

This is the story of one woman’s quest to answer her calling to walk the path of a healer. After an initiatory event at the age of 21, Heather goes through the fires of transformation to find herself and hone her healing gifts. As you follow her journey of awakening and transformation, you are drawn further into the intriguing world of energy and the day-to-day life of a contemporary healer.

Woven into the narrative are real-life healing vignettes describing Heather’s work with clients, offering rare insight into how to work with quantum energy and initiate healing at a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. In this fascinating teaching memoir, you’ll find nuggets of dragon’s gold for your personal journey. And for students and practitioners of healing, it is a treasure trove of knowledge about energy work and holding space for the healing process.

This is a story of initiation, revelation, and rebirth for every person seeking to live a soul-infused life.