Stav Dimitriadis 

Stav Dimitriadis is the CEO of Twincare International (distributor of brands such as Moroccanoil, Guinot, Paul Mitchell, REF, Evo, and so much more). 

Although expected, Stav did not publish an autobiography or a book on how to run a successful business, he instead chose to tackle some of the world's most challenging concerns - The impact humanity has on the environment!


The Intervention

In a world on the brink of disaster, will humanity unite to confront its biggest threat?

What catalyst could motivate the world to rise up together and confront an environmental Armageddon?

A celestial visitation forces humanity to confront its destiny, propelling the world into action. In this gripping tale, when our very existence is at stake, we discover extraordinary measures required, using existing technology, to secure our future.

Using fiction to create a scenario where we begin to heal our planet, Stav gives us an optimistic look at possible solutions to the impending global crisis. Thoroughly researched, this book is a thought-provoking debut in the Science & Science-Fiction genres.